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WAXOLA GH A water white transparent oil gel system


  1. Allows additions of active oils /oil soluble actives
    to create transparent stable formulations without
    addition of any other stiffening agents.
  2. Retains transperant appeal when used in
    combination with oil soluble actives.
  3. Excellent moisture retention properties on skin.
  4. Visually appealing, hydrophobic in nature and
    thermally reversible.
  5. Excellent fragrance retention.
  6. Competitively Priced.


  1. Transparent medicated vaporising balms.
  2. Transparent lip balms.
  3. Transparent ointments.
  4. Tansparent Gelled / Thickened body oil.
  5. Transparent hair food/hair pomade.
  6. Lipsticks (as a moisturizing agent).